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Maths enterprise

The Actuarial Profession attended the final round of the 2006 Enterprising Mathematics Competition at the University of Strathclyde on 25 November 2006. This is an annual competition organised by the Scottish Mathematical Council. A series of first-round heats are held throughout Scotland, where teams of mathematicians from all the Scottish schools compete for a coveted place in the final.

Although the competition has always been at a very high standard, the organisers said that the 2006 competition was ‘the best year ever’. A series of mathematical challenges were set throughout the day for the final 62 teams, including nearly 300 of the brightest Scottish mathematicians and their teachers. Richard Muckart, representing the Faculty president, thought he was there to present the prizes on behalf of the profession, but found himself roped into a team, aptly named the ‘Gorbals Remedials’, for the first two rounds of the afternoon session. Through having to play some of the challenges, he obtained hands-on experience of the stimulation and fun of the event. The winners for 2006 were George Watson’s College, Edinburgh. The four runners-up were the High School of Glasgow; Hillpark Secondary School, Glasgow; Madras College, St Andrew’s; and Mary Erskine School, Edinburgh.

The Careers Committee has been sponsoring the Enterprising Mathematics Competition for several years, as well as the UK Maths Trust which organises Maths Olympiads at school level throughout the UK.If you would like to find out more about representing the Actuarial Profession at school and university events, kindly contact Caroline Henderson-Brown in careers, tel 01865-268228, email careers@actuaries.org.uk.