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Making the most of the website: Resource Centre

If you are planning a research project, writing a paper or want to catch up on some CPD, the Resource Centre on the profession’s website is a good place to start. The Resource Centre contains around 3,000 papers and other publications produced by the profession, available for downloading free of charge.

What is available?

  • Papers published in the Journal of the Institute of Actuaries (JIA) from vol 70 (1939) and in Transactions of the Faculty of Actuaries (TFA) from vol 26 (1960) until the two publications merged to form the British Actuarial Journal (BAJ) in 1995.
  • All papers published in the British Actuarial Journal (BAJ), via a gateway to ingenta.com. Members must log in on the profession’s site to access this gateway.
  • Sessional meeting papers not yet published in BAJ and reports on the meetings. Sound files in mp3 format are also available for some recent meetings.
  • Papers and slide presentations from the profession’s main conferences since 2000 and in some cases earlier.
  • All papers presented to General Insurance (GIRO) Conventions since 1974.
  • Continuous Mortality Investigation reports and working papers.
  • The Finance and Investment Knowledge Portal designed to help members thinking about a move into finance and investment and wanting to know more about the subject, the technical issues and career opportunities.
  • Links page, listing over 300 websites categorised by topic.
  • Resources for actuarial history and suggestions for further reading.

How to trace information

  • You can browse the Resource Centre via the menu items on the left-hand navigation bar.
  • All documents in the Resource Centre can be traced via the site search. Use the advanced search to narrow down your search by practice area, document type, and date.
  • Search the library catalogue (Resource centre > Library services and database) for electronic documents on the website and other websites and documents in the profession’s libraries. If the document you want is not available electronically you can order it online from the libraries.

Future developments

New material is regularly added to the Resource Centre. Send us your suggestions for new material.