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Join in fellowship with the Fellowship Club

The Fellowship Club was formed in 1924 to provide an opportunity for actuaries to meet and dine after sessional meetings at Staple Inn, no doubt in good “fellowship”. It continues in the same vein to this day, with a rationale best described as “networking”. It has always been a convivial club to which members’ guests are welcome, and the tradition is to have a guest speaker chosen with care to enlighten and entertain.

Recent guests have included Jon Tanswell, who spoke on the work of the Mission Aviation Fellowship, Andreas Whittam Smith, First Estates commissioner, who spoke about the challenges for non-executive directors in delivering good governance, and Professor Nick Woodhouse, who spoke about Mathematics at Oxford. Our next guest speakers are Paul Manduca, a former fund manager, who will be speaking on the failure of the financial system, and Graeme Hart, a former orthopaedic surgeon and medical claims expert.

The club currently frequents the Innholders Hall and the Cutlers Hall, both delightfully traditional venues. Joint events are arranged from time to time with other clubs, such as a forthcoming May dinner at the Hurlingham Club, jointly with the Other Half Club. We are keen to attract new members so, if you are interested, please contact paul.thornton19@btinternet.com or Jason Hurley, secretary at jhurley@rgare.com.

Paul Thornton