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Institute fellowship ceremonies – May 2004

Somewhat belatedly (see letters page) here is the photograph for the presentations that took place last year on Thursday 6 and Friday 7 May 2004.

New fellows at Staple Inn on Thursday 6 May 2004, with former Institute president Jeremy Goford: Christiaan Ahlers, Sohail Ali, Tassos Anastasiou, Julian Attock, Matthew Bale, Jonathan Bowers, David Broadbent, Steven Brothwood, Laura Brown, James Cadman, David Coldrick, Emma Constable, Gary Cook, David Corkett, Wayne Do Rego, Julian Ellacott, Robert Evans, Matt Gibson, Jeremy Gillman, Simon Hall, Alan Howard, Jiang Nan, Jaco Kok, Laurence Lee-Tsang-Tan, Patrick Lloyd, Tom Lorenc, Sankar Mahalingham, Ian Mills, Mark Mitchell, Ann Mitchell, Susanna Muhleder, Rachel Myatt, Rachel Page, Nanthini Paramanathan, James Pepler, Richard Pinder, Stephen Postill, Suthan Rajagopalan, Neil Shepherd, Debbie Stables, Ben Stone, Evan Thomas, Jacqui Wells, Daniel West, Richard Williams, Zhang Ge

New fellows at Staple Inn on Friday 7 May 2004, with former Institute president Jeremy Goford: Ben Adams, Alan Bacon, Ritesh Bamania, Mary Cahill, Andrew Cox, Stephen Cox, Claire Dennis, Steven Fisher, Tara Greally, Davide Guarini, Steve Hitchiner, Phil Hobbs, Kelly-Ann Hocking, Sylwia Jakubowski, Malcolm Jewell, Elisabeth Johnson, Owen Kellie-Smith, Robert Kemp, Poh Khoo, Thomas Laws, Lim Siang Thnia, Lehana Lombard, Katrina Mackay, Andrew MacLennan, Jonathan Mantle, Sharon McSweeney, Khurram Mirza, Daniel Moore, Janet Moss, Ronan Mulligan, Alan Oates, Kheng Heng Ong, Robert Palmer, Maria Quinlan, Simeon Rimmer, David Ross, Richard Schneider, Zahra Scott, Carl Stanford, Eu-Gene Toh, Chris Venables, Dominic Veney, Weiyi Wang, Claire Warburton, Clive Wellsteed, Jonathan Welsh, Michelle Williams, Sunny Yang, Alex Young-Wootton

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