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Forthcoming Profession events

Life insurer seminar
11 May, Staple Inn, London (registration)
The purpose of this seminar is to cover the major areas of UK life insurer taxation. Topics will be covered interactively through a mixture of presentations and case studies. This workshop would be suitable for actuaries and any other insurance professionals who are involved in life insurance and financial reporting. For further information, visit http://tinyurl.com/5un36sj

Sessional research event
11 May, Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh
17.00 (registration) for 17.30-19.00
The UK Actuarial Profession’s IFRS working party paper will be presented. The paper concentrates on issues relevant to life insurers, although much of the content is also relevant to non-life insurers. For further information, visit http://tinyurl.com/65qy98r

Open forum: Employer covenant
12 May, Staple Inn, London
Lincoln International, a leading independent provider of employer covenant advice, will share its views on covenant assessment and look forward to discussing how it needs to be better integrated with funding and investment advice. This event will be of interest to all pension and investment actuaries, as well as trustees and sponsors of defined benefit pension schemes. For further information, visit

Health and care conference 2011
18-20 May, The Grand Hotel, Brighton
The Health and care conference is the leading market event for insurance practitioners with an interest in the health protection industry. The conference will take a fresh look at topical industry developments and outline the wide ranging implications that they will have on the critical illness, income protection, PMI and LTC markets. The sessions will cover a range of technical topics looking at all aspects such as risk selection, product design, pricing and claims management and Solvency II. The conference is designed to appeal to all professionals who are interested in the health and care sector and in particular those involved in the control cycle including, pricing, product design, monitoring experience and claims management. For further information, visit http://tinyurl.com/6g8rewb

Open forum: Does diversification exist in a global market?
23 May, Staple Inn, London
Many commentators have suggested we are now in a new era where global markets, and to some extent economic growth, are so highly linked that diversity is no longer the valuable risk mitigant it once was and shorter and more correlated market cycles will be the norm. In contrast, regulation in the financial sector (for instance Solvency II) is increasingly incorporating the impact of diversification in the calculation of risk capital to reduce capital required - but is this assumption still valid? This event brings together two of the UK’s most senior practitioners in the field of asset management and finance to present their thoughts on this key topic followed by an opportunity for the wider group to join the debate on whether diversification exists in a global market. For further information, visit http://tinyurl.com/6zl4ag7

Pensions conference 2011
1-3 June, Southport Theatre and Convention Centre, Southport
The Pensions conference is one of the premier professional events for pensions actuaries with UK qualifications. The programme includes a range of technical matters, softer skills and professionalism topics; it will also cover many wider issues affecting pensions.
The agenda is focused on both the issues of today and those that might shape the future, covering ideas and insights across most aspects of pensions - all actuaries working in pensions should find plenty of food for thought and opportunity for lively debate. For further information, visit http://tinyurl.com/6ek4oc2

Networking: What keeps a CRO awake at night?
2 June, London
17.30 (registration) for 18.00-19.30
Known unknowns? Potentially missed growth opportunities? Competitor threats? Devolving responsibility/accountability for risk? Messages misunderstood? Dealing with the ever-growing information avalanche? Where does the buck stop and with whom?
For further information, visit http://tinyurl.com/6fac4x3