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Field of dreams

I recently visited Lagos, Nigeria in a personal capacity. I am thoroughly grateful for the gracious hospitality I was shown by other insurance and actuarial colleagues during a swift but highly educational trip. The parallels between this developing insurance market and the Zimbabwe of my childhood days are quite striking. Opportunities are plentiful for the adventurous soul and I would be happy to share my insights with anyone contemplating a future in that part of the globe.

The sphere of employment opportunities for today’s actuary is constantly expanding, as the contributors to this month’s wider fields feature demonstrate. Apparently our skill-set is widely applicable, perhaps a small mercy for all those years of training. General insurance and reinsurance are our other featured themes in this edition.

Elsewhere in this edition, we are pleased to welcome Sonal Shah and James Monk to the editorial team in the capacity of deputy features editors, taking over from Jean Eu. Sonal is also the author of a new column entitled ‘Elegant English’ to appear periodically in the magazine. In her first instalment, she eloquently describes common errors in everyday writing.

Our industry news editor, Peter Tompkins, a senior and prominent member of our profession, was recently and extensively showcased in the British press on the topic of pensions. Peter is potentially the most Googled actuary at the moment — there is a lot to read about if you haven’t already done so. Finally, we plan to launch a column on technology in the actuarial world. If you would like to volunteer as a contributor or co-ordinator, please get in touch.

Marjorie Ngwenya