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Editorial: Supply and demand

Careers, mortality/longevity and Solvency II are our themes for February. At the time of year when many of us will be setting objectives for the coming months, Paul Stephenson of Deloitte discusses the importance of managing talent.

We also hear from Craig Thornton in his role as chief risk officer for Aviva’s UK business. Craig shares his thoughts about the transition from working within the business into the risk function and some tips for aspiring risk actuaries.

Solvency II continues to dominate the insurance industry. Many insurers are still in the early stages of their implementation projects. The recruitment market has been abuzz with the demand for medium-term skilled resources, creating momentum among contractors and driving up the cost of attracting quality personnel. Can supply continue to meet the ever-present demand?

The development of internal solvency models provides an opportunity for many firms to innovate and for senior management to better understand the impacts of the new regime. Join me on 9 February when I’ll be hosting our second live careers webinar, looking at actuarial careers in a changing environment.

This month we welcome Terren Friend, our new industry news editor, to the team. Many thanks to Peter Tompkins for having livened the pages with his engaging commentary over recent months. Peter remains involved with the magazine as chair of the editorial advisory panel. Interested parties are also invited to get in touch regarding the soon-to-be-vacant student editor role.

This issue also sees the launch of a new technology column, appearing every other month. To get the ball rolling, we take a look at the new wave of tablet computers and assess the main challengers to the iPad’s crown.

Finally, thanks to those readers who provided valuable feedback on January’s page-turning digital edition (http://bit.ly/TheActuaryJan2011). Many were effusive in their praise, while some had technical difficulties viewing or navigating the edition. For this reason, please note that the content from January can also be found at www.the-actuary.org.uk/issue/201101

Marjorie Ngwenya