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Do actuaries have personalities?

We all know the ‘amusing’ description of an extrovert actuary as being one who, when at a party, stands looking at someone else’s shoes! Well, now’s your chance to find out what you (and more importantly, we actuaries) are really like, by taking the BBC personality test available online at www.bbc.co.uk/science/humanbody/mind/surveys/whatamilike/index.shtml.

Requiring only about ten minutes to complete, this will assign you to one of 16 possible personality types, ranging from Big Thinkers and Masterminds to Idealists and Mentors. I’ll be happy to collate and analyse the results – on a strict no-names basis – for publication in a future issue of The Actuary.

All you need do is complete the online test, then please notify me of your personality type (no cheating!), plus details of your age, sex, and occupation category (when working), email ronnie@sloan42.fsnet.co.uk, or write to 20 Lomond Road, Edinburgh EH2 5JR.

Who knows, we may find out that we’re really not so boring after all – so, please get clicking!