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Better than tractors and cow-tipping!

Newport-based Lloyds TSB rounded off a bumper year of Welsh sporting victories by taking the honours at the annual Bristol Actuarial Society Hare & Hounds pub crawl.

Proving there’s more than tractors and cow-tipping out here in the regions, Bristol Actuarial Society took to the pubs of Brizzle to face some of the most fiendish challenges the intellectual might of Watson Wyatt could devise. Teams were pushed to their limits with games that broke new ground in actuarial agility, artistry, and animal impressions.

There were some notable performances throughout; the animal impressions round produced a truly frightening display of tiger-roaring by John Davies of HBOS, while the lady judges were left disappointed by a bout of last-minute nerves affecting Aled Edwards and his JLT team’s donkey impressions.

The flexibility of BAS members was astounding with the marshmallow flexibility game proving to be a points-scoring bonanza. Unfortunately, the first casualty of the night occurred during this game, as Martin Yarnall from AXA neglected to perform a thorough warm-up. Our thoughts go out to Martin’s tailor and anyone standing behind him at the time.

A huge thank you must go to Jury’s Hotel, which lost its entire stock of soap and rubber gloves during the scavenger round, while commiserations go the owner of the largest pair of pants of the night scavenged by Lloyds on their way to victory. The committee would like to thank all 36 teams for their support and beg that Lloyds don’t make us go to Newport next year.

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