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Actuary on the run

The weather forecast had predicted the day of the London Marathon, Sunday 25 April, would be the hottest day of the year! Despite that, it was a gloomy morning as I made my way with trepidation to the start of the race at Blackheath. There was already a general buzz of excitement on the train, accentuated briefl y by the apparition of three cute baby foxes appearing in a den on the side of the railway line. Even hearing my fellow runners discussing how many toenails they normally lose during a marathon couldn’t dampen my spirits!

As I followed the crowds crossing the picturesque Blackheath common, the clouds closed in further and soon thousands of runners were huddled and shivering into the couple of changing tents that had been provided trying to escape from the pouring rain, while fi ghting down mounting nerves.

At 09.45 we were off on the 26-mile challenge and the temperature soon started to rise. The early morning rain was a distant memory in the heat and humidity of the race. It is difficult to describe what a moving and exhilarating experience it was running the London Marathon. The crowd support must be unparalleled to that at any other race and it was vital in getting me through the gruelling final six miles. Seeing all the unbelievable costumes that people wore to run the marathon made the day all the more special. A huge thank you to everyone who supported me and sponsored me (including SIAS).

I was running in aid of the Hospice of St Francis (Berhamstead) in memory of my friend Hazel Burrows. Overall, it was an amazing experience and will remain one of the most memorable of my life.