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Actuary on the fringe

Every August, the Fringe festival descends on Edinburgh. It is the largest arts festival in the world, celebrating all forms of culture, from comedy to opera, established stars to first-time performers. Two years ago, actuarial student George Lewkowicz performed a sketch show at the festival and he will do so again this year.

George will be performing under his pseudonym, Superbard, strapping a keyboard across his chest to tell epic musical literature. Like a live musical audiobook, Superbard tells his fun, strange short stories to a post-rock accompaniment. Stories include a failed comic as he chooses between stand-up and his pregnant wife, a zombie mathematician struggling with his immortality, and a student who, while watching Dr Who, panics as his lounge starts to flood.

If you can’t make it but want to find out about more of George’s performances around the UK, or for more details, go to www.myspace.com/superbard