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Working Overseas: Welcome

Welcome to The Actuary’s ‘Working Overseas’ supplement for 2010. If you are looking to make a move abroad this issue provides you with a flavour of the exotic options available.

The actuarial variety can be found in many natural habitats across the world as the delegates of the International Congress of Actuaries 2010 illustrated. Many of the countries represented are in the process of developing local actuarial associations while others are well-established, managing to attract actuaries from more mature markets.

If your desire to move to a particular location is matched by a demand for actuaries in that territory, you are onto a winner, particularly if you possess a skill-set lacking in that market. An international move will involve more than the logistics of packing up your personal effects and settling into a new environment. Do your research and make sure you consider both the views of locals and ex-pats. International recruitment agents are a useful resource and can provide specialist advice on visa applications. With more emphasis on making use of local talent, policies for economic migrants to the US and UK appear to be tighter though this is not true across the globe.

Spreading your wings will broaden your horizons, transform your lifestyle and expose you to novel experiences, cultures and cuisine. The world is your oyster!

Marjorie Ngwenya,


A welcome from our sponsor:
As a global insurance company, Aviva takes its role within the actuarial profession very seriously. It’s important to us to keep abreast of the very latest thinking and stay in touch with the broader issues surrounding the profession.

With the ever-increasing demand for qualified actuaries, discussions around international working have become more and more frequent, so when we heard this supplement to The Actuary was in the pipeline, we decided very quickly that we wanted to sponsor it.

As you will see from Matt Saker’s article, we value the impact that actuaries can have when they work in different markets. We have a history of both recruiting people into new markets and of sending established employees on mutually beneficial secondments. And we will continue to do so because it makes sense to us as a business and supports our commitment to personal development.

This supplement should provide anyone considering something similar with all the knowledge they need to make a decision that’s right for them.

Angela Darlington
Aviva senior manager