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UK Maths Trust Intermediate Challenge

The first round of the UK Maths Trust Intermediate Challenge took place last month, with over 254,700 entries from 3,133 institutions throughout the UK. The Challenge is open to all school pupils in year 11 or lower in England and Wales, year 12 and lower in Northern Ireland and S4 and lower in Scotland, and is sponsored by the Profession.

Each participant must answer 25 questions of increasing difficulty, with the questions designed to stimulate mathematical thinking beyond the school curriculum. The top 500 entrants in each of the three age groups are then invited to take part in full written examination papers.

Barbara Beebee, of the Profession, said: “A career as an actuary is rewarding, enjoyable and challenging, but it takes a high level of mathematical aptitude to make the grade. The Profession is delighted to be able to support the next generation of mathematicians and, hopefully, encourage some of them to consider an actuarial career.”