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Social Policy Board news

Attitudes to inheritance

On 20 July, the joint actuarial profession/ILC seminar received a talk from Dr Karen Rowlingson (University of Bath) on the findings of her new publication ‘Attitudes to assets, inheritance and inter-generational relationships’, co-written with Dr Steve McKay (University of Bristol) and published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF). The study is one of the first to gauge changing attitudes to inheritance in the 21st century. The profession has kept a close interest in the study and was represented by Peter Tompkins on the JRF board overseeing the research.

Ageing Population Conference 2005

The Ageing Population Conference 2005, ‘Sixty-five and not out! An age of opportunity or limitation?’ will take place on 7–9 September 2005 at St Anne’s College, Oxford. Keynote speakers include Frank Field MP, Professor Richard Disney (professor of labour economics, University of Nottingham), Andrew Dilnot (principal, St Hugh’s College, Oxford), Jay Olshansky (visiting professor at the Oxford Institute of Ageing and professor of public health, University of Illinois), and Hector Sants (managing director, Financial Services Authority), plus workshops covering a wide range of topics.

The conference will address issues central to the pensions and life industries in their ongoing assessment of the impact of the ageing population on state and private provision.

For further information and an application form, please contact Tara Codling (tel 020-7632 2145, email tara.codling@actuaries.org.uk) or visit the conference website at www.actuaries.org.uk/files/pdf/cpd/agepopconf2005.pdf.


The board is currently exploring a partnership with Caroline Glendinning, professor of social policy at the University of York, who is researching the financial advice needs of carers looking after the interests of the very elderly and elderly mentally infirm. John Taylor of the Financial Consumer Support Committee has agreed to represent the profession in this project. The Finance & Investment Board is also taking a close interest in the progress of this study.

Post-retirement risks

The Ageing Population Group is putting the final touches to its post-retirement risks webpage. Modelled on the Society of Actuaries’ webpage, this home-grown version will provide a general overview of risks in the UK associated with health, housing, long-term care, care-giving, longevity, finance, employment, changes in family formation, information, and the public sector. Where more detailed information is needed, links will guide visitors to more specialist sites. It is targeted at the 60s-plus and the under-60s preparing for retirement. The group hopes to launch the site in October and will announce the launch in a forthcoming issue of The Actuary.

Consumer understanding of risk

Alan Goodman has written an article on ‘Consumer understanding of risk’ – the study the profession published in November 2004 – for the bimonthly Consumer Policy Review, which will be published in a forthcoming issue.

New email address of board secretaryIn common with other members of staff, Martin Hewitt’s new email (already in use) is martin.hewitt@actuaries.org.uk. The new address can be used alongside the old one.