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Social Policy Board news: Profession/International Longevity Centre UK: ‘How long can we wait?’

Following John Turner’s (AARP) talk ‘The pensionable age in social security’ on 3 August, the next event in the series is on 22 September – ‘How long can we wait?’ This short conference will explore trends in the UK birth rate. The speakers are all recognised experts in the fields of demography, gerontology, and bio-ethics who will present overviews of current knowledge together with analysis and population scenarios for the future. They include Dr Steven Smallwood, Office for National Statistics, on ‘Comparison of UK and international birth rates’; a member of the Family Policy Research Group presenting findings from More Babies?; Professor Tom Kirkwood, Institute of Ageing and Health, University of Newcastle, on ‘The links between longevity and reproduction’; and Dr Françoise Shenfield, University College London, on ‘Late fertility and ethical issues’. Michael Pomery will welcome guests and Baroness Sally Greengross will introduce the event.

The seminar will start with registration and tea at 4.15pm on Wednesday 22 September 2004 at Staple Inn. If you or a colleague would like to attend, please contact Louise Tasker, email louisetasker@ilcuk.org.uk, tel 020-7735 7565.