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Reasonable expectation?

I attended the fellowship presentation at the Staple Inn in May 2004. I was slightly embarrassed when I arrived as I was the only new fellow who didn’t bring any family members, and hence received the least applause when I collected my certificate. I was extremely impressed by some actuaries whose families flew from places as far as South Africa, Malaysia, and Singapore specially to attend the presentation, which made me determined to take this qualification more seriously. Since I didn’t have any personal photographs to mark the occasion, I was looking forward to the publication of the group photos in The Actuary, which I could hopefully send to my family and friends. I could be accused of vanity, but I nevertheless believed it was a reasonable expectation derived from the past practice of the magazine.

I have been waiting for more than a year now. To my great disappointment, the May 2004 presentation appears to be the only one which The Actuary omitted to mention in its recent history.

I shall of course leave it to you to justify the omission. May I make the following suggestions: ‘it was the photographer’s fault’; ‘it was the previous editor’; ‘the new fellows’ names were too long to print’: ‘Jeremy Goford’s head was blocked’; ‘the exams at the time were too easy’? I shall be satisfied with any of the above.