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New research manager for the Profession

Earlier in the year, the Profession identified the need to have a dedicated manager to develop and promote the Profession’s research activity. This was timely, as better publicised research was one of the key themes that emerged in this year’s membership survey. Ruth Loseby took up the post of research manager on 1 September 2009. Her role includes:
>> Developing the strategic direction of the Actuarial Profession’s research activities on a long-term basis in conjunction with relevant committees
>> Working with universities and other research providers to develop and maintain a framework of research activities
>> Working with practice area executive committees and member interest groups to identify research topics and disseminate findings
>> Identifying research funding opportunities
>> Developing the reputation of the Profession’s journals.

Ruth is based at Napier House in Oxford reporting to Trevor Watkins, head of learning, and has a background as a life office actuary and, more recently, in research management in the university sector. She is currently undertaking to meet people with an interest in actuarial research including those in the Profession’s practice areas, at universities, in regulatory functions, at government funding bodies and from other professions where collaboration could be beneficial.

She also plans to attend the Profession’s main conferences, especially those with a particular focus on research, over the next year in order to hear members’ views. Ruth would be interested to hear from anyone who wants to help ensure the Profession plays a leading role in research.
E-mail ruth.loseby@actuaries.org.uk with your ideas.