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Making the most of the website

Take a trip to the e-library

Even if you never set foot in one of the profession’s physical libraries, much of the library stock is only a mouse-click away. The e-library on the profession’s website comprises almost 4,000 papers from the profession’s journals and conference proceedings, together with CMI reports and working papers. The latest addition to the e-library is almost 200 papers presented to meetings of the Staple Inn Actuarial Society (SIAS) between 1960 and 1999, extending the library of recent papers already published on the SIAS website. Digitisation of these papers was generously funded by SIAS, which will also be publishing the papers on its own website in due course.

Papers from the e-library include classic papers such as Frank Redington’s paper on the principles of life office valuations (JIA (1952) 78: 286–340) and Jeremy Goford’s paper on the control cycle (JSS (1985) 28: 99–114), as well as papers which have attracted public interest in recent times such as the paper on the cost of the compensation culture presented at the 2002 GIRO convention.

Whether you are a student seeking to supplement your course notes with some additional reading, a qualified member keen to read up on a different area of practice, or an academic embarking on a new area of research, the e-library will have something to offer you.

The e-library can be found in the resource centre at www.actuaries.org.uk/link/library/e-library.html

All the papers are searchable via the site search and the online library catalogue.