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Finance, Investment & Risk Management (FIRM) Board news


FTSE International has merged its gilts and bonds committees. Our warm thanks are extended to David Wilkie, retiring from the former, and Ken Ayers, as chairman of the latter. We are pleased to report that David Dyer and Sean Kurian will be joining the committee in November to keep an eye on both ‘nitty gritty’ and wider issues such as why gilts and bonds are used. Members with FTSE issues they wish to raise, either in relation to gilts or bonds, or on other Index-related issues, in the first instance, please contact Mark Symons, tel 020-7632 2133, fax 020-7632 2131, email mark.symons@actuaries.org.uk.

Finance, Investment & Risk Management Conference 2006

It is not too late to book for this year’s event from 18–20 June in Edinburgh. I am sure that you will agree that this year’s line up of presenters will be well worth hearing:

  • Keynote speaker James Crosby, chief executive of HBOS plc: ‘The relevance of the profession’;
  • Cliff Speed, Hewitt: ‘Pension liabilities for life actuaries’;
  • Gareth Collard, Deloitte: ‘Life Liabilities for pension actuaries’;
  • Alastair Ross Goobey, Hermes: ‘The return of the cult of the equity’;
  • Kerrin Rosenberg, Hewitt: ‘Liabilities-driven investments’;
  • Dr Andrew Smith, KPMG: ‘What is risk management?’;
  • Jeremy Stone, chairman of trustees of WH Smith: ‘the WH Smith case study’;
  • Caroline Hunter-Yeats, Simmons and Simmons: ‘Views from a lawyer’;
  • Geoff Lindey, NAPF: ‘Corporate governance – the view from the outside’;
  • Rob Jones, Standard & Poor’s: ‘Risk management and the effect on ratings’;
  • Paul Watchman, Freshfields: ‘How being a responsible investor doesn’t damage your wealth’, along with his colleague David Rouch and Emma Hunt, Mercers;
  • David Morgan, Coal Pension Trustees Services: ‘Managing the manager’;
  • Michael Maloney, Mercer (Dublin): ‘Pan-European and UK legal and regulatory developments scene’;
  • Craig Turnbull, Barrie & Hibbert: ‘Risk management reporting in a life company’;
  • Robert Howie, Mercer: ‘Hedge funds – a promise delivered?’;
  • Gihan Ismail, Global Investor Consultants: ‘Unconstrained benchmarks’.

Full details of the programme, and a booking form, can be found at www.actuaries.org.uk/Display_Page.cgi?url=/finance_invest/fib_news_0603_conference.html or you can contact Linda Pritchard, the conference organiser at Staple Inn, email linda.pritchard@actuaries.org.uk, tel 020-7632 2147, for further information. You will, however, need to respond promptly if you are to secure your place.