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Recent seminars

Risk in discounted cashflow assessments (20 January 2003)
Professor Chris Chapman of the University of Southampton spoke on the long-running controversy about how best to deal with risk and uncertainty, and associated opportunity cost issues in NPV and related discounted cashflow assessments. The seminar was the second in the series introducing subject 305, the new examination in finance and investment.

They’re only human (29 January 2003)
Professor Richard Taffler, head of finance and accounting group, Cranfield School of Management, led an evening seminar designed to provide a practical overview to behavioural finance and its relevance to capital markets and to demonstrate that actuaries are human, too!

FTSE data used in actuarial calculations

A number of practitioners have experienced problems either in obtaining data or following notification of errors in data used in actuarial calculations. FTSE has taken steps to improve the quality of the data supplied to it and used in its calculation. However, we are keen to expand the information provided to members so that they have the data they need, better understand how they are calculated, and are aware of any problems with published data. We are currently working with the other practice boards to ensure that we and FTSE have a clear understanding of which data items need to be available and how they are used.