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ERM Guide: networking evening 20 April

Would you like the opportunity to think about new approaches to enterprise risk management? If so, you might like to attend a free workshop followed by refreshments, which is being sponsored by the ERM Practice Executive Committee at Staple Inn, London, on Tuesday 20 April from 17.30 to 19.30.

The two-hour workshop will introduce the new ERM Guide, which is being developed by a group of actuaries, civil engineers and academics, under the auspices of the actuarial and civil engineering professions. The Guide is now available in draft on the Profession’s website www.actuaries.org.uk and a final version will be prepared later in light of the discussion at the workshop. It describes how to implement an holistic system of risk management and advocates a systematic approach to the management of wider issues of uncertainty.

There will be short presentations from:
>> Chris Lewin, chairman, ERM Guide Development Group
>> Mike Nichols, chairman, The Nichols Group
>> Neil Allan, senior lecturer, strategy at University of Bath
>> Colin Ledlie, former chairman, ERM Executive Committee.

These will be followed by panel-facilitated open discussion. In addition to welcoming views on the Profession’s wider ERM work, the panel will be seeking in-depth discussion of the Guide.

As well as answering questions, the authors will be seeking feedback as to the Guide’s effectiveness, including implementation issues that user organisations might face and how it might usefully be developed. To notify your interest in attending, visit www.actuaries.org.uk/conf_flyer/ERMGuide20100420