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EIOPA unveils new stakeholder groups

The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) has unveiled the composition of its two stakeholder groups, the Insurance and Reinsurance Stakeholder Group as well as the Occupational Pensions Stakeholder Group. These groups each include 30 members (listed below) and are established to facilitate EIOPA’s consultation with stakeholders in Europe on issues such as regulatory and implementing technical standards in addition to the guidelines and recommendations that apply to the insurance and occupational pensions industry.

Members of the stakeholder groups can submit opinions and advice to EIOPA on any issue related to its task. Furthermore, the stakeholder groups are expected to notify EIOPA of any inconsistent application of European Union law as well as inconsistent supervisory practices in the different European member states.

Both stakeholder groups are expected to convene for the first time at the beginning of the second quarter of 2011.

EIOPA received around 100 applications for each stakeholder group after a public invitation for interested candidates to apply for membership. The successful candidates were qualified individuals selected on the basis of their expertise in the area of financial services.

The composition of the two stakeholder groups is based on legal requirements as defined in EIOPA’s regulation. Additionally, EIOPA aimed for outstanding professional expertise, appropriate geographical and gender balance to achieve the best available representation of stakeholders across the European Union.

The members of the stakeholder groups were appointed by EIOPA’s Board of Supervisors after a pre-selection by EIOPA and its Management Board. The new stakeholder groups replace the so-called Consultative Panel that was established under CEIOPS, the organisation that preceded EIOPA. At a minimum, the stakeholder groups will meet four times a year. The members of the stakeholder groups may serve up to two consecutive terms of two-and-a-half years each.

Insurance and reinsurance stakeholder group members

Industry representatives:
Mr. Oliver BÄte, Germany
Mr. Yanick Bonnet, France
Mr. Paul Carty, Ireland
Mr. Hugh Francis, United Kingdom
Ms. Pilar Gonzalez de Frutos, Spain
Mr. Asmo Olavi Kalpala, Finland
Ms. Michaela Koller, Germany
Mr. Jean Christophe Menioux, France
Mr. Gerard van Olphen, Netherlands
Mr. Joachim Wenning, Germany

Ms. Ann Kay Blair, United Kingdom
Mr. Mads MØlgaard Braüner, Denmark
Mr. Lars Gatschke, Germany
Mr. Marcin KawiÑski, Poland
Ms. Baiba Miltovica, Latvia

Users of insurance and reinsurance services:
Mr. Thomas Behar, France
Mr. Seamus Creedon, Ireland
Mr. Guenter Droese, Germany
Mr. Francis Frizon, France
Mr. Robert Crawford Jones, United Kingdom
Mr. Jérôme Lecoq, Belgium
Ms. Christianne Verhaegen, Belgium
Ms. Daniela Weber-Rey, Germany

Representatives of trade unions:
Mr. Raffaella Infelisi, Italy
Mr. Damien Lagaude, France

Ms. Rym Ayadi, Tunesia
Mr. Dario Focarelli, Italy
Mr. Helmut Johannes Gründl, Germany
Ms. Maria Heep-Altiner, Germany
Mr. Alexander N. Sadovski, Bulgaria

Occupational pensions stakeholder group members

Industry representatives:
Mr. Gabor Borza, Hungary
Mr. Fritz Janda, Austria
Mr. Niels Kortleve, Netherlands
Ms. Patricia Plas, Belgium
Mr. Joachim Schwind, Germany
Ms. Maria Isabel SemiÃo, Portugal
Ms. Martine Van Peer, Belgium
Mr. Benne van Popta, Netherlands
Ms. Christianne Verhaegen, Belgium
Mr. Allan Whalley, United Kingdom

Beneficiaries / Consumers:
Mr. Marcin KawiÑski, Poland
Ms. Baiba Miltovica, Latvia
Mr. Klaus Struwe, Denmark

Users of occupational pensions services:
Ms. Ruth Goldman, United Kingdom
Mr. Régis de Laroulliere, France
Mr. Philip Shier, Ireland
Mr. Charles Cronin, United Kingdom
Mr. Frank Ellenbürger, Germany

Employee/employer representatives:
Mr. Henri Lourdelle , France
Mr. Otto Farny, Austria
Ms. Naomi Cooke, United Kingdom
Mr. Douglas Taylor, United Kngdom
Mr. Bruno Gabellieri, France
Mr. Giuseppe Rocco, Italy
Mr. Bernhard Wiesner, Germany

Mr. Gunnar Andersson, Sweden
Mr. Manuel Peraita, Spain
Ms. Frederica Seganti, Itlay
Mr. Dariusz StaÑko, Poland
Mr. Yves Stevens, Belgium