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Council election and constituency voting

All members were recently sent an email with information about preparations for this year’s election to the Council of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. In particular, the email explained the need for members to keep their email addresses up to date as the intention is to issue ballot papers electronically for the first time this year.

Clarification was also given on which constituency members were in. At the time of merger, Institute members formed the General Constituency and Faculty members formed the Scottish Constituency. Unless you have since contacted the Profession to ask to switch constituency, you will still be in your original constituency. A particularly important time when the two constituencies come into play is when voting in the Council elections. Fellows, associates and honorary fellows are allowed under the Bye-laws to vote in these elections.

You can only belong to one constituency and you can only vote in the elections for the members of the Council for that constituency. Six members of the Council representing the General Constituency and a further three members of the Council representing the Scottish Constituency will retire and, later this year, voting members in both constituencies will be issued with ballot papers to vote for their constituency candidates to fill those vacancies.

You do not need to do anything unless you want to switch constituency and, for the Scottish Constituency, fulfil the necessary criteria to move to that constituency.

Contact the membership team membership@actuaries.org.uk only if you want to apply to switch constituencies. Members will be advised of the deadline for switching constituencies in due course so that an ‘electoral roll’ can be taken. Additionally, please remember to keep your email address up to date.