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Channel charity swim

The Institute of Actuaries of Australia has informed us that Kaise Stephan, an actuary with Munich Re, will swim the English Channel in July 2008 to raise money for the oncology unit at the Childrens’ Hospital in Westmead, Sydney.

Kaise’s 13-year-old cousin Mark is undergoing chemotherapy for leukaemia at the hospital. He has directly observed the commendable work carried out by the oncology unit and would like to support the ongoing research undertaken in this field. Kaise is hoping to raise $250 000 from his campaign, ‘Channel Crossing for Life’.

Training for the event includes getting up at 4.30am to swim for up to two hours, six mornings a week and as the swim approaches he expects to be swimming 80-90km a week in preparation.

Donations can be made securely via the website http://www.chw.edu.au/about/fundraising to Channel Crossing for Life. Or e-mail Kaise@channelcrossingforlife.com