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  • Nick Salter - President's comment Council mattersNick Salter discusses the processes of Council, the IFoA's governing body, which leads its direction, vision and strategy 07 August 2014
  • AOTF August 2014 Actuary of the future - August: Sam MawoyoSam Mawoyo of... 07 August 2014
  • Mask - iStock Backward in coming forwardNon-disclosure of medical conditions by life insurance applicants is nothing new, but what is the true cost of this to the life insurance industry? Paul Morden and Phil Brown explore further 07 August 2014
  • August 2014 Cover image Appliance of scienceOliver Werneyer asks whether actuaries can master the power of new technologies 07 August 2014
  • Hanging in the balanceSuzanne Vaughan reports on the Scottish Independence debate hosted by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries 07 August 2014
  • Sharon Bowles - August 2014 Bowled overHaving been one of the most influential regulators in the European Union, Sharon Bowles speaks to Mark Dowsey about her many achievements and how she believes actuaries can engage in policy debates in Europe 07 August 2014
  • Man walking past numbers The predictive power of dataWilliam Trump and Paul Hately consider what is really achievable by using 'big data' 07 August 2014
  • Measuring Illustration - August 2014 Measure for measureA number of common misconceptions prevent the optimal use of data, argues Douglas Hubbard 07 August 2014
  • Student page August 2014 Talking the talkJessica Elkin discusses the communications exam (CA3), and examines the pitfalls and problems students should watch out for 07 August 2014
  • Shyam Mehta Soapbox: A disastrous trend in unemploymentWhat causes high unemployment, and what does this mean for the future? For Shyam Mehta, the outlook is bleak 07 August 2014
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UK Actuarial Profession qualifications

Actuarial student
The aim of the actuarial education strategy is to equip the actuaries of the future with the skills they will need for their employers and clients. All exam subjects can be taken by well-established distance learning methods, but the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries also makes use of university-based education.
Students can become Associate members of the Institute and Faculty and gain the right to describe themselves as an actuary and to use the letters AIA or AFA.
As an actuary and an Associate of the Institute and Faculty, members have a breadth of expertise that brings wide and varied opportunities.
Members of the profession who wish to continue their studies to an advanced level, or who specialise in a particular actuarial field, may take further specialist exams to qualify as a Fellow. Fellows use the letters FIA or FFA and are highly sought after as experts in their chosen field.
Chartered Enterprise Risk Actuary
CERA is a global risk management qualification which the UK Actuarial Profession is accredited to award to members who meet certain criteria. It aims to address the urgent need for highly-qualified risk management professionals worldwide, especially in the financial sector.
Affiliates have the same rights and privileges as Honorary Fellows except that an annual subscription is payable and they are not entitled to use designatory letters.

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