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The Actuary The magazine of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries


  • Jules Constantinou The actuarial profession: spread the wordI envisage my role of president as facilitating the creation of an environment where members and staff of the IFoA can all work together with a single focus to secure the future of our profession.
  • Derek Cribb A fair assessment of the FRCFor over a decade, the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has provided regulatory oversight of the IFoA in the UK, through our mutual agreement following the Morris Settlement.
  • What about tolerance?Your article How's your risk appetite? (bit.ly/2MwlphA) rightly draws attention to the importance of defining clear, relevant and practical risk appetites before undertaking risk management.
  • Derek Cribb Derek Cribb: A world of differenceThis month's edition of the magazine has an international theme, and I wanted to use this as an opportunity to draw focus to some of the IFoA's recent global activity and plans.
  • The cost of livingTony Ratcliff (bit.ly/2yd7FVV) challenges the profession to take up a position on assisted dying.
  • Francesco Sebastian Globalisation for the actuarial professionBack in 1999, when I decided to become an actuary, I did not consider the possibility of living and working in far-flung places.
  • Derek Cribb Shaping the codeThe IFoA's members are increasingly diversifying into new geographies and work areas, and this brings with it fresh challenges in terms of how we carry out our regulatory role.
  • Marjorie Ngwenya Marjorie Ngwenya on a year of progressThroughout my year as president, I have focused my energy around three goals for the profession: proactively seeking to be future fit, creating suitable professionals, and finding ways to serve our diverse membership.
  • Time to tackle an age-old issueIn the April issue, the president draws attention to the many implications for individuals in the ways in which we conduct our lives... of living beyond the age of 100... as actuaries we are well placed to deal with the many permutations that are implied.
  • Real-world riskIn the April issue, the IFoA Risk Margin working party responded to my letter of December 2017. In that letter, I had pointed out that, in my opinion, the risk discount approach of Hans Waszink was more appropriate than the EIOPA risk-free approach for calculating the cost of capital.
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