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The Actuary The magazine of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries


  • Richard-Purcell Shades of greyRichard Purcell says that better narratives are needed if actuaries are to thrive in a post-truth world
  • Colin Wilson v2 Evidence, values, judgmentColin Wilson outlines the importance of integrity in decision-making and the IFoA's global campaign to promote professionalism
  • Anna Rogers A question of proportionChanges in corporate law to protect pension schemes need a careful cost-benefit analysis, says Anna Rogers
  • Derek-Cribb Do the right thingDerek Cribb describes how the IFoA supports continued professionalism training and outlines the opportunities using these resources can bring
  • Richard-Purcell The A(I)-teamTeamwork is important for us all to succeed at work. But what makes a team successful?
  • Colin Wilson v2 Your profession needs you!Colin Wilson focuses on the strategic issues that will shape the profession with an eye to the future
  • Pension funds: Back to basics Pension funds: Back to basicsThere must be many old-timers like me who are dismayed at the headlines regarding deficits in pension funds bringing about collapse of companies and losses of employment.
  • Hamish Wilson A promising programmeHamish Wilson reports on what delegates can expect from the Protection, Health and Care Conference
  • Colin Wilson v2 Evaluating valuationsDiscount rates have been the subject of much debate in recent months. Colin Wilson outlines the issues affecting the future
  • Richard-Purcell Experts wantedRichard Purcell defends the need for expertise, and suggests how actuaries can increase their value through better communication
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