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  • Derek Cribb Turning uncertainty into opportunityIn political terms, we certainly are living in interesting and unpredictable times. As a profession we have spent the past five years building our public affairs reputation through helping policymakers understand uncertainty.
  • p4-Richard_Purcell Going globalIn a world that is increasingly interconnected we have seen the profession take great strides to grow, better serving members and stakeholders, wherever they are based around the globe.
  • istock_578592768 Animal spirits' vs the efficient market hypothesisAlex Waite asks whether actuaries are evolving to remain relevant in their economic predictions
  • Derek Cribb Recognising our global reachIt is a pivotal and exciting time at the IFoA. We have formed a joint venture with the Society of Actuaries to promote the Certified Actuarial Analyst, a gateway generalist qualification, on a global scale.
  • Colin Wilson Leading the wayA year ago, I closed my presidential address with these words from Thomas Edison: If we do what we are capable of, we will astound ourselves, and subsequently I have focused on what the IFoA can do to enhance our collective thought leadership.
  • p4-Richard_Purcell Actuaries doing their bitAt a recent event I was reminded that there are about 4,000 members who volunteer for the IFoA, almost 15% of the profession. It's quite a staggering number really, and underlines just how big a part members play in driving our profession forward.
  • JUNE_SOAPBOX An automatic enrolment wish listWill Wynne suggests some changes the UK government should make under its automatic enrolment review
  • Letters_p12 Cure for cancerI was interested to read Nay Wynn's What if: We found a cure for cancer? (bit.ly/ActuaryCureCancer) in the Jan/Feb issue of The Actuary.
  • A game changer for transparency?The arrival of the Vanguard Direct to Consumer (D2C) platform has profound implications for transparency in the pricing of retail investment products (including DC workplace pensions).
  • Derek-Cribb Data: Mine the gapDerek Cribb believes that actuarial business knowledge and expertise will enable the profession to play an integral part in a  data-rich future
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