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Cashless call-out


I was delighted to read Jason Whalley’s article ‘All change for small change’ in October’s edition of The Actuary, which complements the extensive work done by the IFoA’s Cashless Society Working Party (CSWP). It adds to the thought leadership approach taken by the working party.

The CSWP has already published a great deal of material, which can be found on the IFoA’s website and is being referenced by other research bodies globally.

Mr Whalley talks about insurance against risks that are relevant in non-cash payment ecosystems, and this is a workstream in which the CSWP has not yet engaged. 

It would be appreciated if anyone interested in this subject, or indeed in any of the other 21 risks and issues so far identified within our paper, A Cashless Society – Benefits, Risks and Issues, would contact the IFoA to volunteer for this working party.

Ian Collier

Chairman, CSWP

15 October 2018