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The Actuary The magazine of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries

Changing times



As another year comes to an end, so too does my editorship of The Actuary. The past two years have been a fantastic experience, and have gone by very quickly indeed. It has been a privilege to lead such a dedicated and talented team of volunteers, as well as the wider team at the IFoA and publishers, who diligently work behind the scenes to deliver the magazine every month.

During these two years, it has been great to see the magazine tackle some of the key issues facing our profession, such as improving diversity and expanding into new fields. We have also looked at the big issues affecting society, from political change and shifting demographics to environmental issues. This edition is no different, with Colin Priest questioning whether actuaries are competitive in the growing field of data science, while Marjorie Ngwenya explains why she believes the profession needs to think more globally

Looking at how the profession can also respond to the changing world, we investigate the implications of IFRS 17 on the insurance industry, while Karen Brolly explores how new products could better serve those working in the world’s expanding gig economies.

It has been rewarding to see The Actuary achieve very high satisfaction ratings from members in our most recent readership survey, and win several awards. But I think key to the success of the magazine, and indeed the profession, is constant improvement and innovation, as well as engagement from members who, through contributions or volunteering, really make the magazine what it is. 

I look forward to following the development of the magazine as a reader in future, and I’m sure that, under the leadership of our new editor, Francisco Sebastian, the magazine will continue to go from strength to strength.

Richard Purcell

Editor, @richardpurcell