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Going global


In a world that is increasingly interconnected we have seen the profession take great strides to grow, better serving members and stakeholders, wherever they are based around the globe. In fact, 45% of Fellows are now based outside the UK.


It is therefore timely that we see the appointment of the first IFoA president based abroad. This month we get to know the IFoA’s new leader, Marjorie Ngwenya, and find out what’s on her agenda for the year ahead

Reflecting the truly global reach of the profession today, this issue showcases the diverse range of topics that actuaries are tackling in all corners of the world. In the US, Donald Trump’s attempt to reform healthcare has highlighted the complexity of the matter. Hans Leida and Lindsy Kotecki explain how actuaries can help. In Europe, political matters are also influencing the future of insurers and the role of regional actuarial societies; David Dubois, president of the Institut des Actuaires, offers us a French perspective on Brexit

Elsewhere, emerging markets face the challenge of building sufficient scale. Kelvin Chamunorwa argues the importance of technology-led distribution to achieve this in Zimbabwe

For those maturing markets in Asia, the priority is serving an ageing population. Richard Holloway and Wade Matterson reflect on some of the retirement opportunities.

Wherever in the world actuaries are working, the importance of new ideas is critical to our future success. Craig Turnbull provides a brief history of actuarial thinking over the past 300 years or more. But it is, perhaps, more important that we look forward. This month we launch the second edition of our Predictions supplement, which challenges today’s thinking in search of the next big idea.

Richard Purcell

Editor, @richardpurcell