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Editor's comment: Fresh fields

Deepak Jobanputra takes a look at the challenges and opportunities facing the profession

Deepak Jobanputra Pru Protect editor The Actuary

Welcome to the new, contemporary look for The Actuary. I am excited to have taken on the role of editor and look forward to meeting as many members as possible over the coming months to help serve the needs of our actuarial community and related stakeholders.

Since becoming editor, I have already visited four different continents and experienced very diverse cultures and lifestyles. Nowadays, such experiences are not uncommon. It would be an understatement to reflect that the world around us is changing at an accelerating pace; increasing globalisation and technology developments are just some of the changes that the next generation seem to take as given.

As an optimist, I see this as a great opportunity to improve the world we live in. We can now reach the world at large to improve health and wellbeing across the globe. There are, however, new risks that this smaller world brings, requiring the expertise of specialists such as actuaries.

A quote from our previous President summed up a core strand of our vision for tomorrow - that every chief risk officer, for all industries, will be an actuary. This statement recognises one of our core strengths - the identification and management of risk.

We have the opportunity to lead and diversify into new areas and to work with a wider group of professionals; this change is already happening. Furthermore, the growing internationalisation of our profession offers great scope for our members at a personal level, allowing them to experience both new career options and learning opportunities by interacting with a wide membership base.

This merely touches upon a few ways for our profession to maintain and develop the highly respected status we hold. As readers, I would like you to help further our profession through your involvement with The Actuary magazine and website.

Lastly, we have an opening in the editorial team for a puzzles editor to take on the challenge of managing the puzzles section of the magazine; for more information, please contact Sharon Maguire at The Actuary, sharon.maguire@redactive.co.uk.

Deepak Jobanputra

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