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  • Derek-Cribb Your chance to join the great EU debateDerek Cribb urges members to give voice to their thoughts and play an active role in 2016's big issue the EU referendum
  • Karel Van Hulle Getting to grips with a new regimeKarel Van Hulle, one of the original architects of Solvency II, considers the new regulatory landscape
  • Fiona Morrison Life is not about sitting on the sidelineFiona Morrison comments on how volunteering benefits us, the profession, and society more than we might imagine
  • Cost of regulationOwen Kelly-Smith's letter, Cost of Regulation (The Actuary, December 2015, bit.ly/1nbgkh9), calls for a review of the merits, or otherwise, of continuing to be a regulated profession.
  • A trust exerciseI have read Charles Cowling's letter very carefully (The Actuary, December 2015, bit.ly/1T7XqEa) and, in the spirit of promoting harmony, I would like to highlight a sentence in it with which I agree.
  • The evolution of ERMPaul Harwood's article, The Evolution of ERM (The Actuary, June 2015, bit.ly/1QZY73e), discusses how to optimise the second generation of enterprise risk management (ERM), and makes the following statement: In summary, second-generation ERM is about 'better decision making' (BDM ERM), which adds value when its users, primarily boards and managers, are confident that they are overseeing, or making, quality decisions.
  • No whitewash of green issuesMr Solomon Green's letter of 11 November (The Actuary, December 2015, bit.ly/1RUVcJo) casts doubt on the competence of all those men and women working in the complex and important field of climate modelling.
  • Richard-Purcell All changeNew editor Richard Purcell comments on developments within the industry, climate policy, and The Actuary team
  • Agony aunt Agony actuary: Rumour has itAgony actuary: Rumour has it
  • Kelvin Chamunorwa 2015 Time travelsKelvin Chamunorwa highlights the advancement in technology and its impact on actuarial work
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