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  • Colin Wilson v2 Spreading the wordAs a profession, we pride ourselves on our insight, distilling key issues and bringing clarity of thought and understanding to generate better outcomes for clients and wider society.
  • Richard-Purcell The human dimensionRichard Purcell says that it is ever more important to be tuned in to public opinion and understand the value of people
  • Derek-Cribb A global communityDerek Cribb focuses on regional societies and global member groups, which are building on a proud heritage
  • Brexit: More or less uncertainty?The Brexit vote, both before and after, generated much talk along the lines that it is a leap into the great unknown.
  • A grown-up view on a cashless societyI was fascinated by the juxtaposition of the articles 'A Cashless Society')
  • Weather or notI could not resist responding briefly to the debate on climate change risk in September's edition
  • Skills in climate riskIn The Actuary's September edition, I read the following statements: Colin Wilson, IFoA president: These are positive steps in the right direction, but what I am keen to promote is an environment that encourages the profession to innovate and to show thought leadership.
  • Brian Woods A fundamental flaw in Solvency IIBrian Woods says the EIOPA formula for the risk margin should take into account the current low interest rate environment
  • Colin Wilson v2 Thought leaders in the wider worldAs a profession we are standing on the shoulders of giants, says Colin Wilson and we must drive thought leadership forward together
  • Richard-Purcell Disruptive timesActuaries are used to looking ahead, says Richard Purcell, and it's more relevant than ever as technology increases its reach in our lives
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