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  • Fiona Morrison Climb every mountainFiona Morrison draws some inspiration from the ski slopes when considering the next generation of leaders of the profession
  • Richard-Purcell Decisions, decisionsIn the run-up to the EU referendum, Richard Purcell reflects on how actuaries can inform many big decisions facing society
  • Derek-Cribb Let's arm ourselves with the factsDerek Cribb would like actuaries to use their unique skills to fully participate in the EU referendum and IFoA Council elections
  • Soft skills scupperedDerek Cribb makes some very interesting observations in his article: Through The Actuarial Looking Glass
  • High expectationsMy daughter recently entered a Royal Mail competition in which she was asked to apply for her dream job.
  • Rationale for Solvency IICathal Rabbitte's letter (The Actuary, March) was interesting reading for someone who describes Solvency II as yesterday's solution to the previous day's problem.
  • Envelopes Letter to the editor: High expectations
  • Fiona Morrison I'd ban regulation...Fiona Morrison says the word 'regulation' gets too much bad press, but that standards are key to the integrity of the profession
  • Richard-Purcell The eternal questionRichard Purcell asks whether ageing is inevitable, and how it will affect developed and emerging economies in the long run
  • Derek-Cribb Where do you want to go?Derek Cribb explains why continuing professional development plays a key role in reaching your own goals and opportunities
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