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  • Colin Wilson v2 Thought leaders in the wider worldAs a profession we are standing on the shoulders of giants, says Colin Wilson and we must drive thought leadership forward together
  • Richard-Purcell Disruptive timesActuaries are used to looking ahead, says Richard Purcell, and it's more relevant than ever as technology increases its reach in our lives
  • Why leave climate change risk evidence unexamined?The 2012 Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
  • The triple lockBaroness Altmann's proposal to abolish the triple lock has merit, but her suggestion that pensions should undoubtedly be protected by a double lock is not supported by any logic.
  • Climate change risk evidence: anticipating risks and taking action as corroboration increasesIn response to Geoff Dunsford's letter 'Why leave climate change risk evidence unexamined?'
  • Colin Wilson v2 Leaving a sustainable inheritanceThe game-changing EU referendum has highlighted the important issue of intergenerational fairness, says Colin Wilson
  • Richard-Purcell A graceful BrexitIt's time for actuaries to step forward and take a lead role in managing the 'bruncertainty' risks, says editor Richard Purcell
  • Derek-Cribb Now is the timeDerek Cribb welcomes the new Council members and says that the EU referendum result provides opportunities for actuaries
  • Are we too technical?When Lord Morris was reviewing the profession, I wrote to him.
  • Cash-card-machine-56595268_illustration A cashless societyThe way we buy our morning coffee in Starbucks by touching the pad with our credit card, and the way that Uber allows us to call for a taxi and pay for it electronically, tells us that we are moving ever closer to a cashless society, one without note and coin.
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