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  • Colin Wilson v2 It's your professionColin Wilson on the review of the composition of Council and how it presents an opportunity to have a say in how it serves your profession
  • Richard Silveira Crisis for central bankers?Richard Silveira says that it is now reasonable and necessary to question the tenets of central banks' mandates
  • p33 Big Data in Practice: How 45 successful companies used big data analytics to deliver extraordinary resultsWhen offered the opportunity to review a book from a few available options for The Actuary magazine, I settled upon this, and it has proved to be an interesting and informative read, covering the topical and fast-moving area of big data analytics.
  • Derek-Cribb Venturing forwardDerek Cribb explains how partnering with the US Society of Actuaries has enabled promotion of the CAA qualification globally
  • Richard-Purcell A defining yearRichard Purcell looks back at the events of 2016 and some of the developments and innovations bringing the industry forward
  • Natalie Smith Are pension Funds missing the hot ticket?Natalie Smith and Alice Garton discuss the need for pension scheme trustees to take heed of climate risk to ensure they are fulfilling their legal duties
  • Colin Wilson v2 Knowledge exchangeThis season has once again seen a large number of our members participate in the IFoA's residential conferences, with many of you preparing to depart for the Life Conference as this edition of The Actuary arrives through your letterbox.
  • Derek-Cribb Growing our talentDerek Cribb says that joining together to promote actuarial science is the best way to ensure a strong pipeline of future actuaries
  • Celestial-shutterstock_247157509 Electromagnetic shocksIt was ironic that I read the article written by Simon Ruffle and Lee Coppack entitled Shock tactics on the same day that President Obama issued a directive to prepare the US federal government to deal with the effects of space weather events.
  • Indemnity insurance for actuariesI wish to highlight the professional indemnity (PI) insurance costs for actuaries.
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