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Japan pension fund thrives on equities

The Japan government pension fund has posted a 6.9% increase in its rate of return for fiscal year 2017 equivalent to ¥10,091bn, its annual overview of the year has shown.

Fund had increased by 3.12% since 2001 ©iStock
Fund had increased by 3.12% since 2001 ©iStock

This meant the fund’s total value stood at ¥156,383.2bn and that fund had increased by 3.12% since 2001.

The Japanese government said the 6.9% increase had been driven by “significant gains in returns on domestic and foreign equities”.

Its report showed that investments were divided up as: domestic bonds 27.50%, domestic equities 25.14%, foreign equities, 23.88%, foreign bonds 14.77% and short term assets 8.70%.

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