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Bowling bonanza


Five teams of three actuaries competed at the All Star Lanes in Holborn for the Worshipful Company of Actuaries’ ninth annual ten-pin bowling event in London on 9 March. 

Scoring was a respectable level all round, with all teams exceeding 250 points in the competition to win the large, heavy trophy. The clear winners were Exactval’s ‘Three Blind Demolition Men’ with 404 points, but they had only two bowlers, so had to be disqualified. This left the way clear for Swiss Re’s ‘Size 16 Balls’, who won the trophy for a third time with a score of 334. Congratulations to Amit Patel, Graeme Law and Joe Paul. There was keen competition for both best and worst scores – with ‘Masters – Past, Present and Future’ eventually bottoming out with 251 points. The remaining teams were closely matched. In second place was ‘Towers Willis 1’ with 299 and, in third place, Swiss Re’s ‘AC Me Rollin’’ with 257. Top individual scorers were Patel (150), James Teasdale (145) and Bill Harris (129).

Bill presented the team trophy to Amit – who promptly broke it. I’m sure it’ll be good as new by next year.