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IFoA celebrates Paul Griffin becoming its 600th CERA holder

The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) has today announced its 600th member to earn the prestigious Chartered Enterprise Risk Actuary (CERA) credential.

IFoA's latest CERA
IFoA's latest CERA

Aon Hewitt associate consultant, Paul Griffin, will now be able to offer a ‘360° view of an organisation’s risk profile’ after receiving the globally recognised risk management qualification, which is one of the most comprehensive and rigorous of its kind.

It shows employers that the holder has extensive knowledge of Enterprise Risk Management programmes and business decisions, and can take on a number of risk related roles within an organisation.

Griffin said: “I was delighted to hear that I was the 600th UK CERA holder. To hold a qualification that is globally recognised is great, especially as this milestone shows the growing popularity and recognition of the CERA qualification in the UK.”

The IFoA is a royal chartered, not-for-profit, professional body, which sets out a rigorous examination system, supported by a programme of continuing professional development, and a professional code of conduct, to maintain high standards and reflect the significant role of actuaries in society.

Its chief executive, Derek Cribb, said: “The IFoA is proud to accredit its 600th CERA holder. Actuaries like Paul are the key to maintaining the highest of professional standards across the industry, providing a vital service to businesses.

“The CERA qualification is designed to recognise the fulfilment of rigorous and challenging education and training requirements in risk management.

“The IFoA is committed to life long learning for actuaries, encouraging them to extend their learning beyond the traditional actuarial exams, and the CERA qualification is a great example of how actuaries can do this and complement and enhance their skill set with a business relevant qualification.”

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