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Storm related claims jump by 300% after Doris chaos

Co-op Insurance has had to triple the amount of staff answering claim calls since Storm Doris wreaked havoc across the UK yesterday.

One insurers expects to recieve more than 1,000 claims as a result of the storm ©Shutterstock
One insurers expects to recieve more than 1,000 claims as a result of the storm ©Shutterstock

The majority of these are related to slipped tiles and property and vehicle damage as a result of falling trees and branches, with storm damage typically high volume, but low in value.

They now expect to have received more storm related claims over the last two days than they have since the start of 2017.

Head of claims, Jonathan Guy, said: “The number of claims we have received due to the arrival of Storm Doris are in the hundreds.

“We will continue to assist any customers affected by the impact of these weather conditions, treating all storm and flooding claims as a priority.”

Together Mutual Insurance are reporting a similar experience, having seen a 300% increase in the number of storm related claims received since the storm hit, with the average costs likely to be around £700 per claim.

The total value of these claims was last recorded at £79,000, although the company expects this to reach £160,000 by tomorrow morning.

In addition, NFU Mutual estimate that the wrath of Storm Doris could result in more than 1,000 claims for the insurer, reporting damage to the roofs of homes and commercial buildings along with property and vehicle damage.

They have seen the worst of this across the Midlands, North Wales, Northern England, and Scotland, although say it is too early to accurately predict the full extent of the damage.

ABI general insurance policy adviser, Laura Hughes, said: “This is exactly the type of event that insurance is designed to cover.

“Insurers expect bad weather to strike during the winter and will be geared up to helping customers who have suffered storm damage recover as quickly as possible.

“Home, business and comprehensive motor policies will cover storm damage.  Business policies may also cover the cost of hiring alternative temporary trading premises.”