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More than 1 million Brits ‘too embarrassed’ to claim on their insurance

One in 20 people in the UK, who have broken or lost items, do not claim insurance because they are either embarrassed to admit they owned the item, or don’t want to explain how the incident occurred, according to research by Direct Line.

Too embarrassed to claim ©iStock
Too embarrassed to claim ©iStock

Their study found that 43% of people do not claim on items, with 37% of these not thinking it worth the hassle, 14% not realising they could and 5% (1.1 million people) too embarrassed to do so.

In addition, people spend on average £130 replacing the item themselves, rather than claiming on their insurance, with men spending £141 compared to women who pay £128.

Direct Line head of household product, Rebecca Clapham, said: “It’s interesting to see that some Brits are too embarrassed to claim for items and would rather replace them out of their own pocket than admit to what the item was or the situation that led to it being lost or damaged.

“Human error is often an unavoidable consequence of our busy lives so it’s perhaps not surprising that so many of us have accidentally broken something or forgot where we put it.

“With the right insurance you don’t need to worry if you spill a drink over your laptop or break your item in an embarrassing scenario.

The study found that the top 10 items most commonly damaged but not claimed for were:

Source: Direct Line

These findings are based on a nationally representative sample of 2,002 people who were interviewed in July.
Clumsiness was found to be the main reason for damaging or losing an item by 43% of those surveyed, while 12% said they had forgotten where they had put it, and 11% admit it got damaged in a fall.

“We urge homeowners to ensure they have the right insurance for their possessions and to read their policy documents carefully,” Clapham added.