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  • Student: untangling the netIn a hyperconnected world, we all need to be vigilant against new forms of crime, says Jason Whalley.
  • Whistle-stop tourKelvin Chamunorwa highlights the international appeal of actuarial skills and considers the expanding geographic reach of the profession
  • CEO's comment: Going for a global goldDerek Cribb explains why education is key to a universally successful future for the Profession
  • Lights, Camera, ActuaryActuaries don't often pop up in films; we look at how they are portrayed on the rare occasions that they do.
  • Routes to the topIn the first instalment of our 'routes to the top' series, Bradley Shearer talks to four senior executives and managing directors about their career journeys, and shares their practical professional advice

International features

  • Cash-in-capsule-shutterstock_364151255 An easier pill to swallowSebastian Dany and Silke Longoni explain the German Ministry of Finance's new method for calculating the Zinszusatzreserve.
  • ©IKON images Eastern PromiseHaijing Wang discusses the opening up of Chinese capital markets, and the ways foreign investors can access them.
  • p26-26-Crop-Insurance-Indian-women-at-harvest-Alamy--D8GE65.jpg Cultivating crop coverDavid Dror on the new methods that are shaking up insurance in low and middle-income developing countries.

International Actuarial Association

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The mission of the IAA, as the worldwide organization of actuarial associations, is to represent the actuarial profession and promote its role, reputation and recognition in the international domain. And also to promote professionalism, develop education standards and encourage research, with the active involvement of its Member Associations and Sections, in order to address changing needs.

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List of member organisations

GroupE Consultatif

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The Groupe Consultatif Actuariel Européen represents the actuarial associations in Europe, providing advice and opinions to the various organisations in the European Union (EU) on matters affecting the actuarial profession. 

It has become progressively more proactive and now exists as a focal point for communication on professional and technical matters among the European actuarial associations.

Visit www.gcactuaries.org




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