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Whitepaper: Barnett Waddingham - With-Profits Survey 2017

A recent investigation by Barnett Waddingham has uncovered significant inconsistency in the investment performance of UK with profit funds – a type of medium to long-term investment fund offered by insurers, often as part of a pension or an individual savings account (ISA). 


Whitepaper: Barnett Waddingham - With-Profits Survey 2017

The survey looked at funds with similar asset allocations representing more than £100bn in total. It showed that overall fund returns ranged from as little as 2.8% to an impressive 16.5%.

The survey also showed that the biggest component to investment return variations is the difference in performance within each asset class. For example, individual fund equity performances were very wide-ranging, with returns varying from 4.4% to 25.0%.

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