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The Actuary The magazine of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries


  • The Energy World is Flat by Daniel Lacalle and Diego Parrilla Book review, JuneThe Energy World is Flat by Daniel Lacalle and Diego Parrilla
  • Sherlock Elementary educationAnastasia Aboim dusts off her magnifying glass for a trip to the Museum of London's exhibition dedicated to Sherlock Holmes, then on to the Wellcome Collection, for an exploration into forensics and crime analysis
  • Jan/Feb book review Book review, FebruaryThe Future: Six Drivers of Global Change by Al Gore
  • Spray painted dress Let's call it a dateThis year is a celebration of both the old and the new. Anastasia Aboim selects some of the cultural and sporting highlights coming up in 2015 in the UK
  • Capital-in-the-21st-century-by-Thomas-Piketty Book review, DecemberCapital in the 21st century by Thomas Piketty
  • October 2014 book review Book review, OctoberSeeing What Others Don't: The remarkable ways we gain insights
  • September book review Book review, SeptemberThe Con Men: A History of Financial Crime and the Lessons that you can Learn by Leo Gough
  • Science museum The God P-Article a collision where science meets artAnjali Sakhrani and Sonal Shah find themselves on an electrifying journey through space and time
  • global-forecast-Book-review Book review, June2052 A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years by Jorgen Randers
  • James Lovelock Unlocking the futureHelen Lau and Sharon Maguire meet James Lovelock and review his exhibition at the Science Museum
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