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  • Dull Disasters Dull disasters? How planning ahead will make a difference, by Daniel J Clarke and Stefan DerconI recall, and this will show my age, images of Indian and African famines from John Craven's Newsround, Do They Know It's Christmas and Freddie Mercury doing his stuff at the original Live Aid concert. It seemed in those days that one of the automatic, albeit delayed, consequences of famines was an outpouring of celebrity emotion which galvanised the public to part with their money.
  • Actuaries in Microinsurance Actuaries in microinsuranceAs my deadline for this review drew nearer, I asked myself why I'd volunteered to read a book in microinsurance. Is it because I'd recently been corresponding with Amos Kirigwi, editor of the Actuarial Students' Society of Kenya's magazine? Is it because I've recently set up an innovation team in the regulator where I work? Or is it because I have a social conscience?
  • Other peoples money Other People's Money by John KayWhat is it all for? John Kay's excellent book is purportedly an attempt to answer this question, where 'it' refers to banks' enormous balance sheets, the vast volumes of financial activity, the huge rewards on offer in finance and the activities of financial services in general.
  • march_books_review_shutterstock Book review, MarchFigures of Death by PJ Sweeting
  • Misbehaving: The Making of Behavioral Economics by Richard Thaler Book review, FebruaryMisbehaving: The making of behavioural economics
  • Book cover Figures of Death New book JanuaryFigures of Death
  • Book cover: The Actuary: From Russia, With Love Book 1 Book review Xmas, DecemberThe Actuary: From Russia, With Love Book 1
  • Superforcasting: the art and science of prediction Book review, DecemberSuperforcasting: the art and science of prediction
  • The Energy World is Flat by Daniel Lacalle and Diego Parrilla Book review, JuneThe Energy World is Flat by Daniel Lacalle and Diego Parrilla
  • Sherlock Elementary educationAnastasia Aboim dusts off her magnifying glass for a trip to the Museum of London's exhibition dedicated to Sherlock Holmes, then on to the Wellcome Collection, for an exploration into forensics and crime analysis
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