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Saturday 27 August 2016


  • Leaving a sustainable inheritanceThe game-changing EU referendum has highlighted the important issue of intergenerational fairness, says Colin Wilson
  • A graceful BrexitIt's time for actuaries to step forward and take a lead role in managing the 'bruncertainty' risks, says editor Richard Purcell
  • Now is the timeDerek Cribb welcomes the new Council members and says that the EU referendum result provides opportunities for actuaries


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Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is perceived as a growing threat to health and well-being globally. It has led to a global increase in morbidity and mortality due to resistant bacterial infections.

This edition of the Longevity Bulletin examines the clinical implications, impacts on longevity and the potential economic cost of current trends in AMR. It also goes into detail on new research and discoveries in creating new antibiotics.

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Risk Modelling Challenges – Towards the Cloud


John Winter, director of product management, insurance, FIS 

Rick Yuan, head of actuarial modelling and transformation, AIA Group

Werner Matula, chief actuary, Vienna Insurance Group 

Risk Modelling Challenges – Towards the Cloud: Q&A

FIS webinar MPU on demand